Dr. John Sallstrom

A longtime supporter of the American Red Cross, Dr. Sallstrom had faithfully donated blood since 1970, making his first donation in support of a colleague undergoing leukemia treatment. Read More »

Harvey Lorenz

Whether it is a national disaster or a local residential home fire, the impact on the lives touched at those critical times is priceless. Read More »

Grover Myers

"It seemed like a win-win idea to me. I like giving things to other people and this seemed like a great way to help the people of Wyoming." Read More »

Agnes Warhurst

Agnes Warhurst came to the Red Cross over thirty-five years ago. She moved to Vero Beach, FL, in 1992 and dedicated at least 25 hours per week to her local Red Cross. Read More »

Mike Pringle

Mike has given back through numerous disaster volunteer deployments, teaching Red Cross classes, and most recently, by funding a charitable gift annuity to benefit the Red Cross. Read More »

Edgar Peara

Even though Ed nor his family ever received personal benefit from the services of the Red Cross, he has given financially every year for over 30 years.

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Irene Breschini

Mrs. Breschini's connection with the American Red Cross may have started with providing snacks for the military at Fort Ord during the early 1960s.

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Allen Chapin

Although Allen Chapin was involved in a Red Cross collection drive in grade school, he really became interested in the Red Cross during World War II and has been involved with the Red Cross ever since. Read More »

Diane Knight

"I have been passionate about the Red Cross since I was five years old," Diane explained. "My mother signed me up for a beginner swim class and that was it … I fell in love with the organization and my Red Cross career took off! Read More »

Harvey and Anita Pine

"We like getting the income, and knowing that we are helping some very worthy organizations," said Anita.

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Mary Geraldine "Jerry" Williams

As her husband, John Williams explains about his marriage to Mary Geraldine "Jerry" Williams, "I had won my Red Cross girl." Jerry had an amazing spirit and loved the American Red Cross. Read More »

Jean Lambert McCammon

Since heeding the call for Red Cross nurses during WWII, Jean had three children and gave a lifetime of volunteer work to her community. Read More »

Kurt Sandman

When it comes to charities he supports, Kurt is very picky about to whom he gives. The American Red Cross is a most worthy organization in his view. "It's way up there," says Kurt. "It's a 'do' organization." Read More »

Paul Desmond

Though he did not have a personal tie with the American Red Cross, per se, Mr. Desmond immediately thought of the Red Cross because of its far reaching humanitarian support.

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Joe Pereles

"You cannot ask anyone to give time and money" says Joe, "unless you give yourself." Joe and his wife, Brenda, have had the Red Cross in their estate plan for as long as he can remember. Read More »

Kay Dixon

"A friend knew I wanted to change jobs and suggested I might go to the Red Cross, as she had. Being 25, the possibility of serving overseas appealed to me also," Kay told us. "I was eager to help in any way I could." Read More »

John V. Thompson

John is also a regular donor to the American Red Cross but refuses to accept any thanks for his generous contributions.

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